"Listening to 'no woman no cry' by Bob Marley. Live version. I have never heard all the amazing singing in the background. Amazing speakers Peter, honestly I've listened to music for 50 years but never with so much joy. Thanks to you and Andreas, great work!" – Chris Wilson, Hungary

With its petite proportions, Osiris takes up just a limited space in a living room! Placed close to walls, it exudes an elegant and discreet look. ​

​It will never dominate your room! But when music is playing... it will capture you in the blink of an eye! It will touch your heart with its huge soul, a precise, fast and organic sound, and can deliver a big WHAMM!! ​

​Osiris hast it all!​

Floor standing speaker
Golden ratio proportions
Multiplex birch wood of different densities
Multi layered lacquer finish
Paper cones impregnated with multi-layered finish of Italian oil varnish
Horn/Reflex bass alignment for ideal room matching
Finest crossover components by Mundorf
Coaxial loudspeaker principle; point source, smooth phase and perfect step response
Cardas Audio internal wire, also constructed in golden ratio proportions
Cardas Audio Patented Binding Posts
Can be placed close to walls and corners
Drive Units
1 x 6.5” Paper cone, coated with oil laquer
1 x 1” Horn loaded coaxial compression driver with titanium diaphragm
Frequency response
38 Hz (f-6 DB) to 30 kHz (f-3 DB)
88.7 dB (2.83V/1m)
8 Ohm
850 mm
360 mm
370 mm
25 kg
Finishes Body
Walnut nature
Walnut amaranth
Walnut blazed
Others on request