"This is one of the most outstanding musical products created in history. These speakers could create only one who really feels the music and understands it" – Dmitry Zoloshkov, Expert Sound Company

The Flagship of our new Natural Fidelity Line of high-end loudspeakers – Design, Technology and Craftsmanship in perfection. Isis can be a brute, grabbing hold and never letting go.

Isis is an aesthete, seducing you with the finest details from the emotional depths of the composition.

Superb resolution and precision, highest fidelity and dynamics, extreme linearity: Isis is no simple transducer – Isis is music.

The in-house finished tweeter, also deployed in our reference model Duke, utilizing a titanium-nickel-coated diaphragm, in concert with our own proprietary aluminum horn, delivers crystal clear highs. The tractrix-based horn shape is an ideal compromise between efficiency and freedom from distortion.

Isis is bi-amp ready, with bass and mid-high frequency ranges capable of being powered and controlled separately.

Technical details may be found in our Datasheet at the end of the photo array.

Floor standing speaker
Cabinets built in golden ratio proportions
Multiplex birch wood of different densities
Midrange chamber with pressure-equalizing vents
Seven layered lacquer finish
The socket is made of massive beech
Paper cones impregnated with six-layered finish of Italian oil varnish
High-precision, machined solid horn for the high frequency driver
Finest crossover components by Mundorf, Oil/Silver caps, foil coils, high grade MOX resistors
Cardas internal wire, also constructed in golden ratio proportions
Cardas terminals in pure copper
Ready for bi-amping
Can be placed close to walls and corners
Drive Units
1 x 15” Paper cone
1 x 8” Paper cone
1 x 1.75” Horn loaded compression driver, TiN coated titanium diaphragm
Frequency response
28 Hz (f-6 DB) to 40 kHz (f-3 DB)
91 dB (2.83V/1m)
8 Ohm
1200 mm
500 mm
350 mm
65 kg
Finishes Body
Walnut nature
Walnut amaranth
Walnut blazed
Others on request