FeaturesAll components are exclusively built for this loudspeaker
WOOFERS: 12" Unique paper honeycomp cones,
tremendous magnet system

MIDRANGE: 8" Lightweight papyrus cone AlNiCo magnetsystem

TWEETER: 1.75" high efficiency compression driver,
nitride titanium dome, CNC machined aluminium tractrix horn

SUPER TWEETER: 0.8" Ultra rigid diamond diaphragm,
360 dispersion, Swarovsky crystal disperser in golden ratio shape

CABINET: designed in golden ratio, only natural materials, Bamboo, plywood, fine leather, fully symmetric constructions to eliminate tumbling of the membranes, perfect time alignment due to calibration kit.

DAMPING MATERIALS: Hand felted pure sheep wool

PASSIV CROSSOVER MID/HIGH: fully symmetric construction highest grade components

ACTIVE CROSSOVER WOOFER/MID: Monaural, ultra high bandwith, low noise, symmetric

INTERNAL WIRING: Cardas Clear Cables

Frequency Response22 Hz to 80,000 Hz (f-3dB) Sensitivity92 dB (2,83 V/1 m) Impedance8 Ohms
DimensionsHeight 1500 mm Width 500 mm Depth 850 mm
Amplification requirement4x monaural amplifiers, or 2 stereo amplifiers
Weight129 kg
Finishes Bodyon demand
Finishes Fronton demand
Monaural Active Crossover XON
Bandwith20 Hz to 1 MHz (f-0.1dB) Noise level-99dB A weighted Output impedance50 Ohms Output level10 V RMS Power consumptionmax. 25 Watts DimensionsHeight 250 mm Width 390 mm Depth 80 mm